While staying in Akureyri, I took a day trip to the area around Lake Mývatn. Our first stop was Goðafoss, another magnificent waterfall. Perhaps the most magnificent of the trip.

Some news!

  1. It’s been a little while since my last watercolor update because I’d been focusing on laying out a Thoughts From Iceland book for a kickstarter I plan on launching in late-March, to coincide with Emerald City Comic-Con! The intent of the kickstarter is to raise money to print a decent number of books (~1000), which would make them cheap enough to sell at more reasonable prices. I currently sell the 3 mini volumes for $8/ea or $20 for all 3 – I’m hoping to sell this new book for less than that.
  2. The new book will compile all the content from my 3 mini-volumes (i.e. the entire TFI comic + all extra maps/photos from those books), as well as 30-40ish pages of  the new watercolors I’ve been doing – all stuff from my second trip, which will be accompanied by related anecdotes that haven’t been put online – AND a glossary/Icelandic pronunciation mini-guide at the end.
  3. Speaking of ECCC, I’ll have a space in Artists Alley there this year, so if you’re going to the show, stop by and say hi! It’s just over a month away. : )