UPDATE: My Kickstarter is live!! Tell all your friends! Tell all your enemies! Your dog! The ghosts who haunt your home! Everyone!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lonniecomics/thoughts-from-iceland-a-travelogue-comic (!!!)

Ta-da! This is the new cover design for the complete Thoughts From Iceland compilation book, which I’ll be launching a kickstarter for next Thursday, 3/26!

It includes all content from the 3 small volumes I currently sell, plus 30+  pages of new watercolors and stories, as well as a glossary and Icelandic pronunciation guide. I’ll be posting a link to the kickstarter once it goess live next week, to coincide with Emerald City Comic Con, which I’ll have an artists alley table at. : D

The KS is to raise money to print a reasonably-sized run of the book, so that A) they can exist in the physical world, and B) I can sell them at a reasonable price. : )