Long time no see, whoever comes to this site even! ALL the kickstarter things have been fulfilled for that kickstarter thing I did, and I’m FINALLY DRAWING OTHER STUFF AGAIN WOW.

This is an illo of the adorable af Deckard, from Bee and Puppycat. If you haven’t watched it yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE GO WATCH NOW. (That’s a link to the 2-part first episode..s… there are 4 more[?] after that! and more to come! ok, closing this parenthesis aaannnnd now)

How do you like my Deckard illo? He’s so cute, though. :3 My boyfriend recently got me an AMAZING talking Puppycat plush, and it is absolutely the best item I currently own.

Yay I drew a thing! I hope to make actual comics sooooon. Maybe another Art Assignment comic?? : D