Today, I happened upon a trailer for this new web series on Vimeo called Oscar’s Hotel. It’s got a TON of youtubers I love in it, including Hannah Hart (of My Drunk Kitchen), and the design of her character Queen Bee looks AMAZING. I decided I had to draw her. And here it is!

I bought the season pass for $10 and watched the first episode, which was fun. First episodes are rough, since there’s so much exposition, and it’s hard to fit that all in naturally. But I thought they did a pretty decent job of it. My favorite parts so far are the character designs (especially Mamrie Hart and Grace Helbig‘s quick appearances), so I’m hoping the series only continues to improve over the next episodes.

Which reminds me that all three of them have books I’ve bought and still need to read. Adult life is so hard! >_<

Also, comics! What’s the deal with them? How do they work? Well, I’ve written and thumbnailed a new Art Assignment comic, and I’d intended on starting to sketch it out tonight, but then I decided I had to draw the above, so here we are. Hopefully tomorrow night.