This comic is based on an ACTUAL EXCHANGE I had with my friend Michelle. A revelation is upon us!! Food is just new poops, you guys. Food is just new poops.

(I’ll just let the profundity sink right in there, nice and slow.)

I would like to share a couple of awesome things I happened upon lately! Thing number one: the art blog of Olly Moss. You may have seen some of Olly’s work floating around the intertubenets some time or other, such as these awesome Star Wars posters, or these awesome My Neighbor Totoro posters. But a pikachu doodle was posted the other day which I find BRILLIANT.

Enjoy its splendor.

The second awesome thing is this fantastic video from Ctrl+Paint, which reinforces stuff you probably already know: the only way to get better is to practice. But it’s easy to forget! And sometimes it’s hard and scary to start. This video might perhaps make it a bit easier.