Hello! I decided to convert my Patreon account into a creator account. So if you’re a person who wants me to shut up and take your money, I will at least be able to do the latter.

The above is a sample of the sort of the thing I plan on posting to my patreon, though I have no patrons at the moment. : ) For now, this’ll be publicly viewable as a sample, but some time in the future, I’ll start just posting process-type stuff to my Patreon. Complete comics and illustrations will still be posted on this site for free, though, so don’t worry about that.

The above shows the process of drawing the gemsona of myself – i.e. imagining my persona on the show Steven Universe – I posted here a while ago. I used the name Sardonyx before there was an actual Sardonyx fusion on the show, just in case you’re wondering.

The main change from the pencil sketch to the digital inks was the gem weapon – the slingshot. I resketched the perspective in photoshop, and inked over that. Then you can see the flats, extra rendering, and background + text. The last panel was a view I noticed by accident when I was turning on and off some layers to check some things, and thought it looked kinda cool with just the skin layers showing! So, I included that as well. : D

Oh, and the gem is located in theĀ  center of the bow tie. : ) The look of it was based on the sardonyx gem necklace here.