This is my first completed comic since I finished the complete edition of Thoughts From Iceland and ran the kickstarter for it. Yay! (By the way, the digital version is 50% off on ComiXology until January 3 with the promo code INDIE.)

I decided to pick back up with my series of Art Assignment comics. It took me a long while to¬† complete, between getting back into the swing of things, and my busy stressful dayjob. :\ But it’s done now, woo! Please let me know what you think. I hope the sad parts aren’t too much of a bummer. :X

As mentioned above, you can find the GIF on twitter if you search #IntimateIndespensableGIF. You’d probably find it even easier if you include my handle, @LonnieComics.

Now, do I continue doing Art Assignment comics, or do I start trying to work on a bigger, longer-form project. Hmm…