HELLO. After a great deal of Life Stuff including moving from one Seattle neighborhood to another, and a job transfer that was pretty crazy for a couple months, I finally finished a thing I want to put on this website. Hoorah!

It’s the actual art assignment part of the next Art Assignment video, “Never Seen, Never Will“. I’ll be following this up with a short comic about how I came up with the idea, but basically:

The assignment was to draw something you know exists, but you’ve never seen, and will likely never see in your lifetime. What a difficult thing to come up with! After toying with some more abstract ideas, I found one I really liked. I’d draw how I pictured the neighbor at my previous apartment who lived below me. He would frequently bang his ceiling (my floor), as a way of complaining about noise, when I wasn’t doing anything particularly noisy. Ironically, he would also frequently get drunk and have very loud, yell-y lovers’ quarrels with his boyfriend/husband(?).

So! This is an illustration of this neighbor I’ve never seen, and likely never will, especially now that I’ve moved.

Oh, one last thing for now: I’ll be tabling at MoCCA Fest in NY April 2-3. Come see me! I’ll be at table J 287 B. Yay!